We speak language house

About Us

We speak is a growing language house. 

Our clients are our curriculum.


Our platform focuses on providing individual lessons to clients/professionals coming from variety of fields.

We provide content-based, student-focused teaching. Our clients expect experienced teachers with professional attitude using practical resources that are managed as educational materials. 

Our lecturers are guides and motivators rather than mediators of linguistic theorems.

Teaching English in Prague


Teaching English in Prague means living in the heart of Europe, at a reasonable cost and yet having all of the European cultures at your fingertips. In Prague you might find one of the most satisfactory English teaching jobs in Europe

People teaching English in Europe have the best intercultural experience within the old continent reaching all of the capital cities such as Paris, Rome, Lisabon, Berlin, you name it within just two hours.

The most popular jobs in Prague for expats are very much teaching jobs. As there is many options for jobs in Prague for English teachers, We speak provide their teachers with personal, far-from-corporate approach. The most flexible and intellectually rewarding work with We speak Prague language house provides collaboration with intelligent professionals and experts in their fields, which makes them the most attractive of Prague jobs.

We would like you to have

  • TEFL certificate or similar
  • University Degree
  • Great communication skills

We would like you to be

  • Flexible
  • Creative
  • Organized

We appreciate our clients and so we appreciate our teachers:

  • Rate per hour based on your experience and mode of teaching (online, in person)
  • Travel fee 100Kč/30min
  • Flexibility - possibility to fit your work schedule to your preferences as we have our own administration system
  • Working with interesting professionals such as businessmen, doctors, lawyers as well as motivated teenagers
  • Professional development through teaching VIPs on contemporary topics


  • The majority of our lessons are one to one
  • There are online lessons as well as in person lessons
  • Company lessons are within Prague 1-10 and you get paid travel fee 


 “It doesn't make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to dowe hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”

- Steve Jobs - 


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